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Are you having a problem with your computer at work, studies or entertainment? ICT Support support is here to make all easy for you. You can contact us by reporting the problem you're experiencing, or view the possible solutions to below.

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Computer Related Issues

  • To download the software of your choice click here to get the setup. For software installation run the downloaded setup. For more info or queries please visit the Report Issue panel for assistance.

  • If a computer case lacks a sufficient cooling system, then the computer’s components may start to generate excess heat during operation. To avoid your computer burning itself out, turn it off and let it rest if it’s getting hot. Additionally, you can check the fan to make sure it’s working properly.

  • To improve your Internet browser performance, you need to clear cookies and Internet temporary files frequently. In the Windows search bar, type ‘%temp%’ and hit enter to open the temporary files folder.

  • A lot of noise coming from your computer is generally a sign of either hardware malfunction or a noisy fan. Hard drives often make noise just before they fail, so you may want to back up information just in case, and fans are very easy to replace.

Phone Related Issues

Keep your smartphone smart!

  • Buy your android from a trusted source with warranty
  • If you want to be a clean android user, do not Root your android device. Just like Iphone JB, this is for the geeks
  • Restart /reboot your Android every once in a while even when it is not hanging
  • If you do not also want any software problems for your android. Avoid downloading application outside of the googleplay store
  • Immediately you buy your android phone, please goto settings>>about then write everything you see there in a safe place. this may help you in the future when your phone needs a complete firmware restore.
  • Avoid custom roms for your android if you are not a geek.
  • When you are upgrading your phone’s firmware, do not allow your battery to die in the process.
  • Always quit unused apps running in the background with the multitask button
  • Do not allow your available storage to get filled up for whatever reason. Always keep a tab on this.
  • Make sure your Bluetooth is not left opened unnecessarily and watch the phones from which you receive files
  • Do not use a corrupt memory card if your android has a memory card slot.
  • Avoid fake charger and accessories
  • Do not operate your phone while charging it.