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Are you having a problem with your computer system? Is your printer, scanner or any other computer component not working well? Feel free, ICT Support team is now ready to make you comfortable at work. Please Contact us for a help.

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IT Support is team of experts with a common goal of ensuring that all your computer related issues or problems are solved as soon as the occur. The team is also aimed at ensuring that you are equiped with the basic necessary skills in IT. These skills will help you solve the most occurring problem incase you encounter them. This will safe your time in doing your office and class work in time.
Are a student? This is your place. We will help you in solving you laptops or desktops issues. Don't be left out.
IT support team is here for you, to ensure your comfort at work. Feel free to contact us during the working ours for a help in computer-related issues. During off working hours you can visit My Hub to see possible solutions to your problems.

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